Youtube, Projects and Mountain Dew

July 2, 2010

I’m sitting here watching “The Mentalist” at a super low volume, probably too low to understand what the f is going on. I’m not really paying attention anyway. Anyway, I’ve been doing lots of Youtube parodies lately. Parodies are cool, but I’ve been doing so many of them that I am itching to do more original music. I would love to start writing some original music for some of these really talented youtubers. I really really really want to write and produce a couple of original songs with Jodie Rivera aka Venetian Princess. I’m hoping we can do that in the near future.

I also had the chance to play guitar for “One Love” which is a project created by Adam Scott. He’s a super talented singer/songwriter and I got to play guitar in his band for a gig at Six Flags in NJ. I hope I get the chance to play with them again. I am also involved in an interesting project called Red Handed Jill. Deana, the singer of RHJ just got back from Seattle, where she recorded a duet with legendary Queensryche front man, Geoff Tate. I’m looking forward to hearing the final mix and hoping it makes our record.

I’m still chugging away with the guys in The Unattended, gearing up for a cool festival gig in CT. I’ll also be writing some music for a workout dvd, and hopefully writing and recording some more music for fitness celebrity John Basedow.

Anyway, enough updating for tonight. I’m tired and The Mentalist is boring the shit out of me.



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