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Tofurkey Day and the Latest VP Parody!

November 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My girl and I had a wonderful tofurkey. It might not look that appetizing, but god damn, it was good!


I also wrapped up the “3” Parody for Venetian Princess.

I’m working on a few things for Fitness Celebrity John Basedow! I have a bunch of other things I got asked to work on, but I can’t let the cat out of the bag yet!

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Waiting to practice with The Rosies…

June 16, 2008

Can I have a york peppermint patty?

May 11, 2008

So I’m at a gas station in Lindenhurst taking money out at an ATM machine, and this english guy walks up to the counter and says in a thick ass british accent: “Excuse me, can I please have a york peppermint patty?”  I felt like I was in one of those old school commercialswho says something like that anyway??  The weirdest most random things always happen right before going to Jamhouse Studios to rehearse with The Rosies.

Notice I’m not smiling in this picture? Its because I have to wait for the E train at rush hour. I was also practicing my best Jim Halpert stare. For those of you who don’t know who Jim Halpert is, I’m sorry…   

Brendan from The Unattended finished up vocals for the single “Radio” on Friday night. He was one sick mofo, but we didn’t have any other time to record the vocals, so he had to tough it out. Master producer Evan Scott Smith made it pretty painless for him.

The song is sounding pretty good so far. I got to use the old orange head that always sounds amazing for recording. It was a late night, but nothing I couldn’t handle without my long time friend Mountain Dew. He always knows how to keep me awake and stay focused. I was just excited to use the talk back pedal attached to the mixing board. hey, I was bored 🙂  

Brendan and Evan going over vocals in the control room.

My friend Kristin came down to the studio to spin me around in the swivel chair. It reminded me of how much I hate rollercoasters.  She was bored, so the entertainment for the night was trying to see how dizzy I could get on a swivel chair. I think I almost puked. good times, good times…


Long enough to know…

May 6, 2008

Just watched Thrice on Conan O’brien, they’re so diverse. I’m starting to become a big fan. 

I had Rob Dova rehearsal tonight at Smash Studios on 36th between 8th and 9th. I think the songs are sounding alot tighter, and we’re starting to get more comfortable with each other as a band. Its funny, cuz the bass player is an old friend of mine that I used to play in a band in college with. 

After rehearsal I rode the train home, and unfortunately I sat in between a guy crunching loud on doritos, and a french couple making out. I may just have to create a separate section of just train stories. After rehearsal I met up with some friends at a haunted bar in Smithtown. Katies of Smithtown was on that show Ghost Hunters, and supposedly its super haunted.

Sidenote: My friend’s cousin hit me in the eye with her sweater for no reason. It was her birthday, so I forgave her lol 

I also found the last demo that Evelyn Red recorded before we broke up. I really think that band had something special, but there was a lot of internal problems. We recorded our last demo, which sounds pretty kick ass at Purple light studios in Brooklyn. You all should check it out, because we put alot of time into it, and someone has to hear it haha.

So I leave you with these tunes.

Not alot of people have heard these, and I think you will be presently surprised 🙂

The Cycle


Long Enough To Know


Thats what what she said…

May 4, 2008

I ate at morimoto on Saturday night, which is located on 10th ave between W15th and W16th. I had the omasake which is an 8 course meal that the chef chooses for you. It was amazing. And when I was finished eating the 8 course meal, I of course had to hit up the bathroom, and all I gotta say WOW!!!!

El Bano:
The photo on the left is what you stare at if you’re a guy, and you are peeing 🙂 PLUS. the toilet is heated and there is a built in Bidet. Here I was at this classy, top notch, gourmet restaurant that the original Iron Chef created, and I was more amazed with the f’n bathroom! 

Sidenote: I always feel weird at expensive restaurants where the young urban professionals hang out. I felt like I was at a restaurant in the movie “American Psycho”. 

This morning I had Eva Adalai practice at her studio. Everything is starting to come together, and I hope we can be out there playing soon!


Beers, Bears, Battlestar Galactica…

May 3, 2008

I was at Sound Surgeon Studios last night with my boys in The Unattended. We recorded with producer Evan Scott Smith.

A night with The Unattended is always an interesting night… beers, bears, battlestar galactica…

Working it out in the live room.